• Who am I? I am a fish swimming in the sea, looking for my flock.

  • Seeking to join, aiming to stay alone, acknowledging the inevitability of being lonely.

  • Praising my loneliness, and chanting its anthems.

  • Singing to escape, singing to survive the constant immigration.

  • Never finding my flock, but meeting other lonely fishes, desperate to gather.

  • Praising loneliness together in our movement across the depths.

  • Catching light strokes piercing the water and competing who caught more.

  • Being underwater is frightening. Unless you are a fish, unless you found your flock.

  • Pressure. It holds together, it applies weight. It mutes the noise accessible to human ear.

  • What do I hear as a fish? Do I hear other fishes cries? Do I hear myself?

  • Tears would disappear in salted water. They would finally find where they belong.

  • They would cover the feelings, belittle the emotions, force the neutrality to float. Morbid neutrality.

  • Anna Sarkisova

    Graphic Designer and Visual Artist


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